“Another Great British Evening” in April

A bit of negotiating and I’ve now got the dates and the venue for the next storytelling evening, on Saturday the 9th, then Friday the 15th, and Saturday the 16th of April. The reason I’ve pushed it so far way beyond is that I’ll have finished my contract by then so I’ll have some buffer time for preparing if I find myself dealing with something unexpected and time consuming.

Based on no scientific evidence whatsoever, I’ve decided that the ‘Great British Evening’ went better than ‘The Complete History of the Industrial Revolution” so the current plan iss for more stories from or about the UK, some of which may actually have happened, but probably not exactly in the way I’ll be telling them.

With brilliant originality I’m calling this “Another Great British evening”, but tha may change if I get some fantastic idea for an alternaive.

As before the evening will be at Pfarrstrasse 2, 73760 Ostfildern. The evening usually takes about an hour and a half with a fifteen minute break in the middle.

There will probably be cake.