Storytelling: “Great British Evening”

GBE_Postcard_front_mergedIn “A Great British Evening” Andy will take you on a tour of Great Britain, using stories from different regions of his ancient home country.

Andy has many years experience travelling and telling stories in lots of different ways, from theatres in Britain and America, nightclubs in Tokyo; to community halls in rural Nepal.

‘A Great British Evening’ draws on these experiences with stories suitable for all ages, and include tales of hope, of betrayal, and friendship. They show Britain in a new way, and offer a great way to practice English in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

The evening is about ninety minutes long, and requires only very simple staging, a room with seats and a well-lit small performance space of 2m by 2m with a back wall. For further information please email Andy at (in English or German)

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