‘A Great British Evening’ April the 18th and 25th

GBE_Postcard_front_mergedI’ll be performing my storytelling presentation ‘A Great British Evening‘ in the Evangelische Jugendhaus in Pfarrstrasse 2, 73760 Ostfildern-Kemnat on Saturday the 18th (NOT the 19th as in the Stadtrundshau…) and 25th of April, starting at 1930.

The evening is a journey from south to north of Britain, and from early history to the beginning of the modern age. We’ll start with the beginning of London, and how it nearly didn’t last much longer, then move on to 1066, when the Normans came along and stole the more accesible parts of the country from some people who had stolen it off some other people a few centuries earlier. We find out why we have Viking names for the days of the week, what really happened to King Arthur, sort of, and why you really, really need to read the small print sometimes. After this, we have a story from the Roma people, avoid meeting Scotlands Loch Ness Monster, find out what qualifications you need to be the king or queen of Britain and end with the question, “so who are the British people anyway?”

The venue is easy to get to using public transport: the “Kemnat Altes Rathaus” stop is a few steps away, and you can find it on the VVS/public transport online journey planner for Stuttgart, and if you are really lucky, there may even be cake…