Monsters or Steam engines?

As I said last week, this is where I start asking for your opinion. I’ve started work on the next storytelling evening*, and I am wondering if I should make it like last time, a mix of stories and a bit of history, or maybe carry on where “A Great British Evening” finished, and tell stories from the industrial revolution in Britain. Those are mostly true stories, although you may find the folktales more believable.

I finally won the battle with the website and you can now simply click to vote for your preferred theme:

You don’t have to log in or anything, just click one of the points and press the big yellow ‘vote’ button. If you don’t mind either way, or you have another idea, let me know in the comments.

 I’ll publish the results next week along with a video, as long as the computer isn’t sulking…

*If you haven’t been taking notes it is in Pfarrtrasse 4, Ostfildern Kemnat, again, on Saturday the 4th & 11th of July, bring a friend…

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