New Workshop: ‘Macbeth’

Macbeth front small text“Shakespeare reloaded: Macbeth” is a journey for students and others who are studying Shakespeare in English. The workshop starts with a look at why Shakespeare wrote ‘Macbeth’ (Hint: It pays to write what your sponsor wants to hear) why the witches were so very important to the audience and the king, and ask “Where did the rest of the play go?” After this we go through the play, focussing on the important scenes and discovering hidden meanings (and comedy) in the text.

If the school wishes to go further, this can lead to hands-on workshops with writing assignments and role play in English and German. The goal of the workshop is a safe, fun, non-embarrassing session to help students gain a deep understanding of the story in both languages.

The original design of the picture featured a  dagger shape in the ‘blood’ but this looked too nice and controlled so I changed it to the ‘splatter’. Not overdoing this effect was possibly the hardest part: there’s a lot of blood & violence in ‘Macbeth’, but not that much…

More news on ‘steam and pirates, the industrial revolution evening, next week…

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