Offline, Online…

Gremlins attacked the server this week and I’ve been unable to log on until today: my usual tactic with computers of ignoring the problem until it went away worked out in the end. This is fortunate as I didn’t have a plan ‘B’.

My inability to understand/repair/operate computers is one reason I tell stories live rather then with videos.

‘Steam and Pirates’, the industrial revolution evening, is taking shape, and because I don’t have enough ideas at the moment, I’m developing the next project: “Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ in 45 minutes”. Some German schools have a play by Shakespeare in their English courses, which is remarkable as British school students find it hard enough and it is (almost) our first language.

Several local people were kind enough to say they would talk to their teachers about inviting me if I prepared a workshop so I’ve been doing background research this week.

Amongst other things, I’ve found that in Shakespeare’s time Propaganda was as common as it is now, the play as we know it is missing several pages, and as usual, the true stories from the time of the play are almost as incredible as the play itself.

More details to follow, and possibly pictures…