Scribble pictures

Ind.Rev.jpgPresentation number one for ‘The (nearly) complete history of the Industrial Revolution‘ came and went on Saturday. As you can see, there were pictures. I have enough to think about without a computer deciding not to work, so I don’t trust technology more complex than a big piece of paper and a pen.

Besides, the fun of Storytelling is that it is live and small scale. The sketches get us past the potentially boring technical bits so we can have more time for the fun stuff.

One piece of feedback is that the sketches could be more cartoonish, so we can get away from the feeling of ‘lecture’, which I can understand. I set up a cartoony style with the dates (which I prepared beforehand) so I’ll think about that more for next time.

There will be another presentation this weekend, Saturday the 11th of July, same place and on a donation basis.